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Chicken broth - Ambrosial!!

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  • Chicken broth - Ambrosial!!

    This was made using 12 chicken wings (very cheap) - organic and free range and roasted for 20 minutes, plus the carcass and skin of a roasted free range chicken. Covered with water in the crock pot, juice and shells of a lemon, 10 black pepper corns and cooked on low for 18 hours.

    This was strained and left to jell in the fridge. Today, I just heated up a mug of it and lightly salted and peppered it.

    Delicious - SO much nicer than a cup of tea, and has a wonderful mouth feel.

    Why have I always turned it into soup or sauces? Just hot, as a drink - it is amazing!

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    Yum! Try adding a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the water, cook until the bones are soft enough to mash, and then cook some more. I love plain bone broth now =D
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      I thought that lemon juice served the same purpose as apple cider vinegar?