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An alternate for Coconut flour??

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  • An alternate for Coconut flour??

    I'm new to all this, just started reading the book a week ago!

    I'm already trying some recipes, but I live on a military base in South Korea and didn't have luck finding coconut flour (or coconut oil).

    What can be used in place of it? I found white rice flour and almond flour- would either of these work? Or will it change the taste too much? This is my first time trying cooking alternatives like this!!

    Or will I have to order these online for recipes that call for it? All help is much appreciated!! I love my baked goods

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    It depends on the recipe. Healthy Gluten Free Recipes | Elana's Pantry has great almond flour recipes. You could order coconut oil and flour from They ship internationally and have great prices


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      I use almond flour. I'm not a big fan of coconut.
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        Thank you for the info, appreciate it!


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          Buckwheat flour. Heavier in carbohydrates, but far, far cheaper than almond or coconut flour.


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            Tapioca flour? Again, heavy in carbohydrate, but ... eaten irregularly will be fine.

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              She's right about
              They have the most unbelievably low shipping rates for sending things to Korea that I've ever seen. I order from them all the time for spices, supplements, tahini, special foods. You can get a great price on a 54 oz. container of Extra virgin coconut oil. And they also have coconut flour.

              Also, if you've never ordered from them before, I have a discount code that you can use to get $5 off the cost of your first order. No matter how small the order. The code is COC920

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                Don't use almond flour, rancid PUFA isn't good... Stick to rice, tapioca or potato flour.
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                  I use unsweetened, raw, dry coconut and grind it in a coffee bean grinder or high powered blender or Fprocessor and make my own coconut flour. I like it much more than commercial processed flour.


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                    Just to throw it in, I've found a 50/50 mix of coconut flour and almond flour gives me better results on anything fried. They balance each other a lot flavorwise and I get a crispier coating that way. I found this out by accident last month. I'm not sure why it works, but it works every time.