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  • Newbie Lunch Question

    I'm really new to the PB and I'm having a little trouble with lunches.

    I have no cooler to bring salads to work in. I don't have a fridge at work I can keep them in, so for the past couple weeks I've been eating lunches out and it's been working fairly well. It's not 100% primal at all, but I've been working on my choices and I saw a tremendous benefit. My bank account, however, did not. I'm on a tight budget and I've already used up most of my budget for food for the month. I have room to play around with it, but I need to bring lunches for the rest of the month like I used to.

    Unfortuately, all I used to eat was sandwiches. After a few weeks trying to follow PB I added back wheat bread for the first time and my stomach is NOT HAPPY WITH ME. I'm having my first headache in a couple of weeks and I'm achy again. All these symptoms had been gone and now they're back!

    At least I'm eating almonds, hard boiled eggs and some fruit too. Better than the typical potato chips and a Mountain Dew. I really like the PB, I'm just not familiar enough with it yet to be creative.

    What do those of you with no access to a cooler/refrigerator do? Or what would you suggest I do?

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    Is there some prohibition against a cooler? The lunch sized ones are really pretty cheap. (In other words, a couple days of eating out ought to pay for a cooler and an ice pack or two)


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      My lunch solution is a can of tuna, salmon, or sardines, along with a hard boiled egg. I also bring some trail mix (home mixed of course) in case the hunger bug says that's not enough.
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        I work out in the field, so no fridge or microwave, so I got a really big cooler for only $20. I would have spent that in one day eating fast food crap. I know you can get the smaller ones for about $12 because I use one of those when I have a short route.

        If there is some reason why you absolutely can't, you can still get individual cans of tuna and chicken, but they're going to cost you more than a small cooler in the long run. Other foods that don't need refrigeration are avocados, apples, cans of just about anything (like olives), unsweetened shredded coconut, jerky and carrots. But the cooler will seriously pay for itself after less than a week.


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          Cans of tuna and salmon are great for lunch - inexpensive, fast and unlikely to go bad if your lunch plans change and you need to run to a meeting.
          However, I need lots of veggies at lunch and I'd want ice to keep them crisp.

          Ice packs are brilliant. Or freeze 1/2-3/4 a bottle of water - add the rest in the morning and use as an ice pack. Should stay cold until lunch.
          If you are outdoors all day, you will want a cooler in warmer months.
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            Tuna fish & avocado has been my favorite go to meal the last couple of days. It is fast, easy, and self contained.
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