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  • Bacon recipe

    I'm so excited!! I Got a Slicer and Dehydrator for my Birthday!! What a perfect gift for a new PB dude!

    Ok, so now that I have these awesome tools I need good PB friendly recipes and ideas. I've been wanting to make some fresh bacon and I sliced some pork belly last night for dinner.

    I found some recipes for bacon, but there's a lot of salt being used. I was thinking I can use the dehydrator to get rid some of the moisture in the pork so the meat will come out a bit crisper like the commercial bacon without all the sodium when cooked.

    Do any of you have some idea's, experience with making your own fresh bacon? any recipes & tips will be very grateful.

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    I think fat goes rancid in the dehydrator - or so I've heard.


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      Ohhh yeah.. that a good point.


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        I dry chicken in the fridge before grilling it to make it crispier. Set a wire rack in a baking sheet, lay the meat on top and leave it in the fridge. apparently you can dry-age steaks that way too, but I haven't tried it.

        Does the salt make it crispy? I have a feeling if you just get good organic pork belly from pigs who haven't been injected with hormones (which makes them bloated, heavier, worth more $) very little water will come out when you fry it.

        Have fun with your new toys and let us hear how it works out!
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          You can get crispy bacon from baking it instead of frying. We do 4 slices in the toaster/convection oven @425 F for 20 - 25 min. It can be done in bulk on a cake cooling rack on a sheet pan in the big oven, same temp and time. Best bacon we've ever cooked or had. And NO shrinkage. Love it!! Don't forget it in the big oven without a shut off. Bacon fires are hotttt and hard to put out.


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            Thank you guys!
            I will give the fridge drying a try. Ottercat, I'm not sure if the salt makes it crispy, but they said it helps with the curing.
            Nanzi, I only have a small toaster type oven, but I will give cooking small amount of bacon a shot and have baking soda handy to put out any grease fires. LOL


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              I've made about 25# of bacon so far this year, so I have a little experience with it.

              The salting is for preserving. What are you trying to do, make bacon like what you'd buy? The bacon I make basically gives me a result that I can leave on the counter for a few days if I want, or just toss in the fridge and know it's there when I want it. Since getting a vacuum packer, I've been loving using it instead of my old method.

              Bacon is simple - if you want a real bacon cure it with a mixture of pink salt and real salt, along with some flavorings, for about ten days, flipping it over from time to time. If you want salt pork in bacon format, omit the pink salt, and then just salt it until it's firmed up after a few days. This will last, but has the ability to go bad, really bad. Like - it might want to steal your wallet.

              I use the pink salt for safety reasons. It's really an easy process to make it, I'd suggest checking out the book Charcuterie. Or looking at the author's blog.
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