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    I'm new to the Primal Blueprint and while I love it conceptually, I'm having a hard time breaking free of grains and sugar. And Christmas is coming up. We'll be spending it with family who considers themselves 'foodies'. I've been trying to come up with some gourmet gift ideas to share with my extended family but all I can come up with is fancy fruit, a la Harry and David. What celebratory treats can I share with my family??

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    We had this in another thread, but I say make truffles!! Awesome treat and not too far off the Primal wagon. See this and more ideas in this thread:


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      I'm a bit of a foodie, and I would love:

      lovely viniagrettes (This is what I'm making all of the my friends and family, a pomegranate and a sun dried tomato viniagrette)

      truffle salt

      a box with some lovely spices like whole star annise, saffron threads etc...

      I'll think of more and post back!

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        I know that I would love locally-made jerky, smoke salmon, pate or caviar!


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          i love making gravlax and eating it with capers and tomato slices mmm


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            Hmmm...I'm making some gift baskets for a few primal couples and while I make everything myself I think a lot of it is pretty easy to put together.

            Here are the contents of my baskets:

            Home-made BBQ sauce

            Home-made salsa

            Home-made spaghetti sauce (They'll have to use it on something other than spaghetti)

            Primal fudge

            Few varieties of primal cookies

            Dark-chocolate covered macadamia nuts

            Cajun-spice pumpkin seeds

            Everything looks great and decorated beautifully. Definitely a gourmet-looking and -tasting gift.


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              um, chocolatechip? Can I have one of your gift baskets please? If I'm good?

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                What a great question - I'll be checking back to see some of the responses. I would have never thought of spices, but what a great idea. OMGosh chocolatechip (would it be okay if I call you CC?) Dark-chocolate covered macadamia nuts - **sings to self, "HEAVEN!: ** That should be in the Christmas cookie thread! I'm going to make those!


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                  Are you thinking of hamper-y things to give away, or things to take and eat?

                  How about some specialities, e.g. proper smoked salmon, a hunk of proper air-dried (parma / prosciutto) ham, home made jerky....?

                  "Chocolate-covered macadamia" is too much of a mouthful (haha) so how about some Chocomaca?

                  Flavoured oils? E.g.chilli, garlic....

                  Gourmet teas / coffees?

                  Where do you live? Are there any traditional, local dishes?


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                    I wanna buncha Chocomaca- too funny!


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                      Find some places that sell grass fed meats, beef, pork, bison, etc. online and have a gift pack sent. I am partial to grass fed bison since we raise them..... =D


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                        Originally posted by Gifts4Kids
                        Hmmm... You can make your Christmas Gift Basket for kids that is an incredible and memorable way of xmas gift giving. Christmas gift basket for kids is suitable for kids who is under 10. Christmas is the time when no boys or girls should be left with out a present.

                        I have checked the link, it has nothing to do with Primalism, therefore I am reporting you as a spammer.
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                          Red wine and dark chocolate
                          My food blog ~
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