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    As I was cooking breakfast this morning I had an epiphany (for me, anyway). You can actually cook with green onions. They aren't just for salads! Well, duh. Also, ghee and bacon fat used together is very tasty to cook greens in.

    This got me wondering about hints and tips others might have that they could share. Newcomers to this way of eating would benefit and long-termers might learn something new. Got something to share? Post it here!
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    Everything tastes better with butter!


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      being a southern gal Pork Fat rules!!!! And a little bit goes a long way in adding favor. Cutting greens (lkale is my fave) in long strips makes for more entertaining stir frys
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        Someone said to cook the whole pound of bacon rather than just a few strips. I have started doing this and it does save time later. Already cooked bacon for BLT, salad topping, reheat in the micro.....

        Bacon is really tasty cooked on the barbecue!
        Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.