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  • Shameless Cooking Blog Plug

    Yup, its a shameless cooking blog plug. I post from time to time on the forum. I read daily. This forum has helped and inspired me so much that I decided it was time to start sharing what I do best. I just started my little blog The Paleo Chick Cooks! and I have posted a coconut milk beverage review and will be sharing a delicious recipe for strawberry coconut cream cake. The first pics are up of it.

    Thanks for letting me be shameless!!

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    It's a nice looking blog. You need more content. I want meat/vegie combos, and no desserts. But that's just me.

    You probably know you can add links at the bottom of your posts, in your "signature". That's what most others do to advert their blogs and interests.

    I look forward to more recipes, and congrats on getting it started!
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      Yup, see my signature below. Mine isn't a primal or paleo blog though.

      To change your signature, click on the Settings menu at the top of the page.

      The cake did look really good, so I hope you plan on posting more, and the recipe!


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        I am just getting started but I do have a nice tenderloin recipe up today and a posting about really fabulous olive oil. I don't do a lot of paleo baking most of my food is your typical paleo/primal fare. I do plan on posting later this week about my favorite place to purchase spices, lamb meatballs, and a few other things. I cook quite a bit so my goal is to post often. I cook a lot of ethnic cuisines. We eat a lot of asian and a lot of middle eastern fare. I plan on posting my husband's family recipe for Yeminite salsa which is killer and can be eaten with just about anything. Plan on seeing places to buy great foods and product reviews too!
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          Checking my signature ... don't mind me.


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            Mmmm, that pork tenderloin looks divine!
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              Thank you for the thread! I am loving your blog...keep sharing your amazing recipes!