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soy vs almond flour

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  • soy vs almond flour

    I have some old low carb recipe books from before I went vegan. As I look through them again, I see that when recipes call for flour, they use soy flour. I have some soy flour, but have recently bought almond flour.

    I'm willing to sub out the soy flour, but wonder if the recipe will turn out the same. I recognize the taste might be different due to the differences in soy vs almonds. Almond flour is a bit too dear to use it in failed recipes, so I'd like to avoid testing it if others have experience with this. Thanks.

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    Texturally, soy flour and almond flour are very different--soy is much finer and more powdery, while almond flour is really more like a fine meal. One of my gluten-free cookbooks suggests subbing bean flour, which is not helpful for primals. I'd suggest trying arrowroot or tapioca flour.
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      Soy bad.
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        Check out - she has tons of recipes using almong flour and they are great! I cut the sugar way down (she uses lots of agave syrup) by using about 1/3 the agave (or I sub honey) and 3 dropper fulls of stevia liquid. The agave or honey covers the stevia flavor (I don't really like it) and the goods are sweet enough for my family and friends to enjoy them.