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  • chicken cordon bleu

    Does anybody know a good recipe for chicken cordon bleu and good Primal Breading to add on top?

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    this looks pretty good: Chicken*Cordon*Bleu | Purely Primal

    they use a mixture of almond & coconut flours for breading. good luck!
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      The recipe above is similar to how I make it, except I use just almond flour (because it's cheaper) and the seasonings I add to the breading are rosemary and flaxseed. Plus I don't dip the meat roll in eggs because the flour and EVOO is good enough for binding. And I've never tried putting in mushrooms, but it sounds yummy--something I want to try now.
      I'm retraining and strengthening my taste buds, one primal meal at a time.


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        Thanks for the Feed back


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          I do pretty much the Purely Primal version, only I only use the coconut flour and brown in butter before putting in the oven. Lovely flavor!

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            After trying it on pork chops I use smashed pork rinds. Delicious! I like to mix in some very dry Parmesan cheese and spices.