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  • What would you make??

    I have $20 that I can spend to supplement.
    I have:
    6 eggs
    Pkg of bacon
    Almond milk
    Black olives
    Pkg of Kerrygold
    Full fat yogurt
    1/2 roast chicken
    Green apples
    Havarti cheese
    Lunch meat
    Frozen vegetables
    2 whole chicken
    2 pkgs of Chicken leg quarters
    Coconut oil, coconut flour
    Almond meal
    Macadamian nuts
    Finely shredded coconut flakes
    8 Lara bars
    2 cans coconut milk
    Tomato paste
    Green tea
    Can of tuna

    So, What would you make for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for Two adults and Two young children...???
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    For seven days..


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      take the bones out of the chicken, or cook the whole chicken in water w/ some celery and carrots and make some chicken stock with the chicken. You can use the stock, chicken and the coconut milk to make soup, you may need more coconut milk.

      Buy some more eggs for breakfast, if the lunch meat is ham or turkey you can make omelets. Bacon can be used in omelets or used on salad. You can buy some salad greens.

      You gave the recipe for chicken leggs honey and carrots, which sounds great. If there's money yet to get some ground beef there's primal tacos/taco salad and primal chili which you might need some canned diced tomatoes or tomato juice for.

      White potatoes are inexpensive and are ok to eat. Tuna can be used on salad.

      I mostly deal with bachelor chow so I'm not sure if there's any sort of primal tuna casseroles out there but a quick search led me to someone on this forum posting "I also mixed a can with some frozen veggies (mostly green peas), butter, cream (or coconut milk) & some spices & baked (in office toaster oven) for a little primal tuna casserole!"

      And there was a Moroccan Chicken Casserole Recipe | Mark's Daily Apple dish that come up as well when I searched primal tuna casserole you could leave out some of the more expensive ingredients and if cauliflower is one of your frozen vegetables I'd use it. When you're ricing cauliflower fresh really doesn't gain you much, you have to cook it prior to chopping it up anyway. Oh and you can't use a potato ricer to do this, i've tried, shredding blade on the food processor or a manual shredder is the way to go.

      I've had cabbage and hamburger with a little sweet and sour sauce on it, normally sweet and sour sauce isn't very primal but I found a recipe for sweet and sour onions that might work the same way with that.

      2 cups dry red wine
      1 cup balsamic vinegar, or to taste
      1 cup honey, or to taste
      cooked as a reduction to get it to a syrupy consistency.

      I have not made this so I don't know how it tastes, just throwing ideas out. You could easily substitute chicken with the riced cauliflower for a sweet and sour chicken stirfry with "rice".

      And I know some people on here are not opposed to white rice as it is almost pure starch so if you absolutely need some cheap calories you can go there. Its in the same realm as white potatoes.

      Lunch meat, cheese, fruits nuts to be used as snacks or light meals. You could use the almond meal to make some of riven's angry bread and since they are very much like a corn bread they go well with a chili and a little honey on them is awesome.

      I honestly don't know if that volume of food is enough for 7 days which is why i'm suggesting things that are less expensive to fit into your 20 dollar budget. Eggs are the best bang for your buck as far as i'm concerned but the white rice or white potatoes might be something you can add in.

      Frozen veggies and canned veggies can be used over fresh, though I like frozen better because you don't have to choke down a pound of salt with it.

      I think with the amount of chicken you have you can get supper covered, and lunches if your lunch meat stock is good enough to cover it with some nuts and fruits and soup. Breakfasts can be covered with eggs.

      I don't know if you have that much chicken and no beef because its more economical or if thats your preference. If you can't afford grass fed, normal burger is fine. Pork is also fairly inexpensive these days and can be another cheap way to get your meat needs covered less expensively and break up your meals a little.

      Oh one more thing if you have the stuff to make salsa, chicken and salsa in a slow cooker with some taco seasoning makes for a great shredded chicken taco meat.

      So there's my long winded, low cooking skill recommendation on how to stretch the food budget.
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