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Cooking with coconut oil - newb question

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  • Cooking with coconut oil - newb question

    I can see from the what it says on the container that the oil will "harden" under 76 degrees. So if I'm cooking with the oil do I really need to get the oil to a 100% liquid state (by putting it in warm water) if I'm just using it to coat the pan?

    It's more like a 50/50 liquid mixture right now kinda like half melted butter.

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    Nope, it'll just melt as soon as it hits the pan just rub some solid oil on your skin you'll see how readily it melts. It expands quite a lot when liquid so you could just use a little bit and add more if you need to. Drizzle it from the jar or spoon it, solid or liquid is fine, makes no difference. Don't be scared of it though, it's amazing stuff!


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      I wouldn't keep it in the fridge- it turns rock hard, like cement. I've always kept mine in the cupboard, it should be fine.


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        I'm working on my first two jars myself (one virgin, one refined), and the stuff has been completely liquified since the first night after I bought it thanks to the Texas summer heat. If I hadn't read about cocunut oil one these forums, I think it would have freaked me out a bit to see that it had melted in the pantry!
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          Keep it in your cupboard, just like you would with EVOO. It will be liquid in the summer and semi-solid in the winter. Scoop it out and toss in pan, you're good to go!
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