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Primal (Pan-)Fried Chicken!

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  • Primal (Pan-)Fried Chicken!

    So I took my first attempt at fried chicken and made it primal. It was delicious! It had a more refined (or shall I say unrefined? ) taste than your basic fried chicken, like something I've had at a nice little Bistro, I think that's due to the higher quality flours that are coconut and almond.

    It turned out surprisingly well, especially considering my lack of experience with both frying chicken and cooking primally.

    A bit of the breading (organic coconut and almond flour blend, cracked multi peppercorn, sea salt, garlic powder, a bit mustard powder, and a few bit of cinnamon) came off into the frying pan as you can see in the frying pic, I suppose I should've let the chicken rest a little longer. Honestly, I was really hungry.

    I fried it in coconut oil. It is a bone-in, skin-on chicken thigh (of course organic, free-range, and local).

    I soaked it in vinegar to do away with the sliminess, rinsed it with water and patted it dry. Then, I gave it an egg-white bath (yes, I saved the yolks, folks) and then dredged it in the aforementioned flour mixture and let it "rest".
    I learned that I did not let it rest quite long enough, and maybe overdid the flour coating, it probably needs more like 25 minutes than under 10, and 10% less flour than pictured, but hey, live and learn.

    The salad is OG arugula, with a champagne vinegar and garlic-infused olive oil dressing with a bit of what fattiness dripped off of the chicken mixed in, and topped the salad with some big chunks of Orgouda Gold (awesome organic Dutch (of course) absolutely delectable cheese if you like strong cheese).

    If anyone is still reading to this point, know that I enjoyed this meal and was not left with any junk-food cravings. Try it- it's super easy and satisfying, even without buttermilk, I guess the nut flours add their richness... and you don't have to suffer through the mistakes I made. Any questions, feel free to ask me.


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    Also, I don't know why the pictures don't show up normally, but if you click on the Attachment 4269, etc. the respective pictures will come up.