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Giant Water Bugs

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  • Giant Water Bugs

    Ok, I need some help from my fellow forumites.

    I bought 4 giant water bugs from the Asian market. Another critter to cross off my list. The problem... how do I eat them? I can't find anything online- raw, roasted, fried? Seasonings? Does anyone have any ideas what to do with these things?

    I figure if I can't find anything traditional, I'll put em on a stick and dunk em in chocolate, but that's sort of wimping out in my opinion. I'm not squeamish as I eat mealworms. It's like any other hard to find ingredient- I want to give them dignity and enjoy them at their best, and covered in chocolate is sort of a cheap effort.


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    Most bugs, you can deep fry the parts - mostly the shells are inedible on bigger ones.
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        pics please


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          I'd pop off the wings and dip them in hot coconut oil.
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            Large water bugs – insects of the family Belostomatidae – live around the world, most of them in America, Canada and Southeast Asia. But if Americans are simply large insect bites that do not go sometimes for two weeks, the Asian water bugs happy to eat.
The Asian species, Lethocerus indicus, the largest in the family – 12 cm in length, so the Thais just fry them in oil and served with plum sauce. The taste of meat water bugs like shrimp. While in Thailand they are eaten whole, the Philippines, tear off legs and wings (and in this way serves to strong drink as a snack), and Vietnam makes them very smelly hood, which is added to soups and sauces. On a bowl of soup, only one drop.

            The preceding is from the following link.
            Most delicious food from insects

            ENTOMOPHAGY report on eating Thai giant waterbugs
            Tayatha om bekandze

            Bekandze maha bekandze

            Randza samu gate soha


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              I thought this was a lobster post. Guess i'll have to pass along with the guts recepies...