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Caveman cookies?

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  • Caveman cookies?

    Has anyone ever tried these or bought them?

    Caveman Bakery — Natural and Delicious Gluten-free, Grain Free, Dairy Free Cookies

    They're kind of high in sugar/carbs (~15 carbs/serving) but was just curious to see if anyone had tried them and what they thought!

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    Generally I frown on thread necromancy... but this is already created and my post is going to be a reply to it so... deal with it folks.

    I just tried the the Original and the Alpine. First let me say, I hate nuts. I mean I can't stand nuts and would rather eat a pencil.

    Alpine: can't decide if I love or hate this. It's... strange. The overall texture isn't very cookie like but that's understandable considering no gluten, no grain, no table sugar, no flour, no preservatives.

    Original: first bite doesn't taste like oatmeal raisin like they claim it's a spin of, after 2-3 chews BAM there it is . I like these and the texture is queer enough and chewy enough that I won't be inclined to eat more than one at a time, but will still be a nice snack to keep in my drawer at work for those days (like today) where the weather and the work just has me zombified and I need some energy for a pick-me-up (since I generally don't eat breakfast and barely ever eat lunch).

    Edit: I actually discovered these on the resources page where their banner is. in case they see this, they know they got a customer from Mark. .
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      I haven't tried any paleo or primal cookies yet but today I picked up some almond flour and vanilla extract so I can make some paleo cookies with my girlfriend. She has been excited about them for a while.
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        I've tried these but can't say I liked them.
        To be fair they're not too bad and I'm sure a lot of people will like them- they're worth trying. But for me they were too sweet. I have a massive sweet tooth so this is strange but I'm pretty sure they use something other than sugar to sweeten the cookies and for me the sweetness was just a bit too much.