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Recipe ideas for leeks and yellow squash

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  • Recipe ideas for leeks and yellow squash

    I would appreciate any suggestions.

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    Leeks are phenomenal for soups, though it's probably not really the season for that...

    Also, make a meatloaf and put leeks inside. It's yummy!


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      I am non meat eater so I am gearing the Paleo diet without the meat but it does sound yummy.


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        Then make a vegetarian loaf.

        The soup is still good, though.


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          I thought leeks were useless nutritionally?
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            Any vegetable cooked in butter and dusted with some fresh ground black pepper is phenomenal. To change it up, experiment with other herbs/spices and oils.
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              This is what I concocted...base
              coconut milk, pepper, sea salt, parsley, rosemary, cumin, garlic..boiled for about 8 minutes
              1 leeks,2 gala apples, walnuts, yellow squash
              baked 350 for about 30 minutes
              It turned out awesome.
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                Make a terrine with them; lots of recipes on line that are easy to adapt.
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                  Leek it really good for your gut.


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                    This is my leek recipe, too late now maybe next time.

                    Cut the leaks up in discs.

                    Put butter in pan, when butter is melted put in leeks

                    Let it cook for a few minutes, then add just enough of the heavy whipping cream, so that it leaves a bit of a sauce and let it cook down and reduce (I used to do this with flour and milk, a bit like a roux, so this the paleo change).

                    If you want you can also add some cheese. I just add ground nutmeg and fresh black pepper.

                    Delicious with sausages and steak.
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