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Chicken drumstick marinade.

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  • Chicken drumstick marinade.

    Need an idea for a marinade for chicken drumsticks I plan to make today. I was thinking of bbq and some spicy mustard for some reason. Anyone got any ideas?

    Thank you in advance.

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    No ideas here but I would love some ideas! I have a bunch of drumsticks in the freezer. I have been eating them plain but would not mind a kick ass marinade.

    How do you cook your drumsticks?
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      I put on red pepper garlic sail onion powder poultry seasoning and pepper. It's fantastic!!
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        A lot of times I mix up almond butter and coconut oil together then dip the chicken in that mixture before baking. It is actually amazing and sometimes i'll dip them in blue cheese before eating them.


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          Go to Health-Bent and look up the split roasted chicken recipe, you'll then be linked to Food Renegade. The marinade is a kick ass cilantro lime recipe that is amazing for wings, drumsticks and thighs. I grill mine and OMG it's awesome.


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            If you are able to use honey here we go.

            Honey, lime juice, and chopped up cilantro. Have not marinated using this, only brushed on while grilling, but I think it would be a good marinade as well.


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              I say you can't go wrong with olive oil, garlic and lemon juice with lots of seasonings (I use the 'salad mix' from Lighthouse). I often put some mustard in mine. If I want breading, I dip in dried, powdered mushrooms (to which I often add dried mustard, and/or smokey chipotle powder).


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                My daughter loves them marinated in balsalmic vinegret and BBQ'd on the grill.


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                  I smothered a mix of macadamia oil and poultry seasoning. It was heaven. I love maca oil.

                  How long do you cook your drumsticks for? On what oven temp? I just did 5 drumsticks... about 1.5ish pounds for 40 minutes in a 350 conventional roast oven... They turned out great! Eating drumsticks is one hell of a primal experience. No silverware necessary!
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