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How do I make home-made whipping cream?

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  • How do I make home-made whipping cream?

    In PB, this sounded like a totally awesome idea and I want to do it.
    I did a search here on MDA, but couldn't find anything.
    Does anyone have instructions on how to make (high-fat) whipping cream?
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    Couldn't be simpler. Dump a small carton of cold (fresh from the fridge) heavy whipping cream into an appropriately sized bowl, glass preferably. Whip using a hand mixer (best) until soft peaks form. Done! Suppose you could use a whisk if you are really energetic.

    Works best if bowl and cream are both cold. Bit of sweetener or flavouring can be added when you are done. Fold them in gently to not wreck the structure of the whipped cream. Few drops of vanilla is nice, bit of stevia. Maple syrup is divine!!


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      i don't understand your question? to MAKE heavy cream you need non homogenized milk and then you need to separate the milk from the cream. or you can go to the store and buy heavy whipping cream.


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        I want that tasty soft stuff that normally comes out of tubes like this:

        But I want to make it myself, because this thing above has preservatives and added sugar in it + it's not from grass-fed dairy.

        So I can just grab a cold bar of cream butter like this:

        And go to work on it with this:

        And I'll have the tasty, soft stuff I want? (and optionally add in some vanilla or berries or whatever)
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          No, buy a carton of 35% whipping cream and follow directions above. You can't make it from butter, its actually the other way around. Overmix the cream and you get butter, sort of.


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            No, you'll have whipped butter. You need Heavy Whipping Cream, which is what butter is made FROM, it's still in it's liquid phase. So, this not this

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              Buy heavy cream (should be marked as whipping cream or similar, usually 35% fat). It comes in a carton or bottle, like milk but usually smaller.

              Bring it home. Put it in the fridge.

              Get a mixing bowl, preferably stainless, and put it in the freezer for a bit. Do the same with the beaters for your hand mixer, or the whisk for your hand blender, or, if you have no kitchen power tools, a regular whisk. Having your tools cold will help the cream whip better.

              Once your tools are well chilled, take them out of the freezer. Pour the cream into the bowl. You can add a little vanilla extract for flavour if you want (just a bit, a teaspoon or less). Some people might also add a sweetener at this point, but I usually don't.

              Beat/whisk the cream until it becomes fluffy and a bit stiff. Be careful to stop at this point--if you go too far, it will separate and you will make butter, which is tasty but not what you are aiming for.
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                I use Horizon Organic heavy whipping cream and one of these: Cuisinart CSB-76BC SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender, Brushed Chrome: Kitchen & Dining

                Occasionally, I throw a pack of stevia in but I think I'm just gonna try cinnamon next time as I've heard it helps "sweeten" the whipped cream. Serve this with berries as a quick dessert all the time.
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                  You guys are crazy over-complicating this. Chilling the bowl and utensils? What are you making it in, a furnace?

                  1. Dump liquid whipping cream (minimum 30% MF) into a tall, resealable container. Be aware that it will increase in volume by at least 50%.
                  2. Whip with an egg-bea or whatever hand mixer you have until at desired thickness. If you over-mix it, it will turn into butter.
                  3. Your whipping cream is now whipped cream. Serve with a spoon, cover and store in the refrigerator for up five days or so.


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                    I just whip it up in a Kitchen Aid stand mixer since it is ready to go on the counter. Sometimes I add a little stevia and cocoa. Very yummy.


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                      If you want it like out of an aerosol,light and fluffy,you need an NO2 cream whipper. Google for USA suppliers.
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                        Originally posted by O_O View Post
                        I just whip it up in a Kitchen Aid stand mixer since it is ready to go on the counter. Sometimes I add a little stevia and cocoa. Very yummy.
                        This! I bought a stand mixer, partially for the reason of making whipped cream much easier. Takes about 1 minute. Basically just add heavy cream (preferally NOT ultra pasteurized, normal pasteurized is better), a dash of vanilla and a dash of stevia.


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                          Alright, I'll check for the whipping cream on my next store visit. Adding cinnamon sounds like a great idea, as well. Thanks for the info!
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                            my favorite whipped cream is heavy cream + liquid vanilla stevia. Mix both together & whip it up. Takes 2 mins. You could also add a dash of cardamom instead of cinnamon.
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                              If you don't have electric beaters, I just put some in a mason jar and shake until it whips. I also make butter this way. You get a good arm workout as well as delicious whipped cream or butter. Usually takes about 5 minutes of shaking for the whipped cream and between 5-10 minutes for butter