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Morel Mushrooms

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  • Morel Mushrooms

    Found a huge patch of morels yesterday. In the past, I'd roll them in flour/egg and fry in vegetable oil. These I dipped in eggs and fried over low heat in cocout oil. OMG. So good! Ate them as a side dish to a big ol' fatty grass-fed ribeye.

    Any other morel recipes? I have a bagful left to eat this week.

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    Please please please be careful with picking your own morels. I'm sure you wouldn't do so without knowing exactly what they are, but I can't in good conscience not say anything. False morels are incredibly poisonous.

    Anyways! On that note.....I love morels paired with any kind of game (venison, rabbit, pheasant, et cetera). I also like them quickly sauteed with spring garlic and thyme in butter. Or in a cream of mushroom soup with chantrelles, oyster mushrooms, crimini, and shittake mushrooms.
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      so jealous. that's all.
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