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  • favorite work meals?

    So what are your favorite meals to take to work? As of right mow my staples are stew/chili and ground beef with scrambled eggs and ketchup.

    What do you take to work? (Aka give me some ideas to add variety haha)

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    I eat breakfast and lunch at work. I usually do some sort of scramble or frittata at home to pack and bring, or I'll cook up a couple beaten eggs in the microwave along with some leftover pot roast or, if I want to torture everyone in the office, bacon.

    Lunch this week is a BAS with mixed greens and strawberries (picture in my journal) and a couple slices of pork loin I roasted. I also like chili or soup, and since I mostly just eat two meals, I'll cook a big dinner-type meal the night before to take to work the next day. Now that it's warming up, I do lots of different salads and just add meat.
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      I've been having salad for lunch almost every day for a year now. Every other week, I grill a bunch of chicken, cut it up, divide it into individual servings in plastic bags, and throw it all in the freezer. Every Sunday, I cut up everything I need and pack four big salads in tupperware. At night, I take a bag of chicken and throw it in the fridge with my salad so it thaws by the time lunch rolls around the next day. Sometimes it gets boring, but it's a hell of a lot better than what I see everyone else in my office eating.


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        Big piece of romaine lettuce slathered with whipped cream cheese + meat of your choice + salsa. Fold in the bottom a little bit then fold in the sides to make a wrapless wrap. I make a few and throw them in a tupperware container and I'm good to go. Been eating them for a longgg time and have yet to get tired of that delicious combo.
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          I pack a small bag of trail mix, a couple of hard boiled eggs, and a can of sardines or tuna for the two days that I go to the office. Weekends and telecommuting days I have more normal meals, such as salads or meat and veggies.
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            Mix salmon and hard boiled egg mashed with some home made mayo, sriracha and sesame oil. Eat in low carb tortilla or romaine leaf. To die for. Same lunch but sub herring or sardines gor salmon. I never get tired of it. Add a piece of fruit and wallah. Office lunch.