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Strawberry Jello Cream Pie (low carb, high protein!)

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  • Strawberry Jello Cream Pie (low carb, high protein!)

    I found this recipe for a cottage cheese based strawberry jello pie. I thought I could do some work-arounds and make this a primal, sensible indulgence. Indeed I have!

    First, I decided to skip the pure jello layer on top and make the base the center (which works out perfectly, because the original recipe is enough for two pies, so the base fills one pie plate on its own).

    I also decided to make homemade jello with pureed mixed berries (I thawed out unsweetened frozen berries) for one of the two packages of sugar free jello. I realize that sugar free strawberry jello isn't primal, but I made the exception for trying the recipe for the first time, and it's the only non-primal ingredient, so for a sensible indulgence, I think it's ok. If you don't, I have some ideas for variation.

    Anyway, it was a flash to put together, and it set up nice and firm and delicious! It was actually slice and serve-able without a crust or anything. Beautiful! My husband said some home made whipped cream would have made it perfect. I agree!

    Anyway, here is my modified recipe:

    Approximately 2 cups frozen berries (whatever flavor combo you like)
    12 oz full fat cottage cheese (choose the brand with the least sodium/salt)
    1 package SF Strawberry jello
    1/8 cup gelatin
    1 cup water

    Blend thawed berries and measure out 1 cup of the puree (remove seeds, if that's a big deal to you). Set aside.

    Blend 12 oz. of cottage cheese until smooth and fluffy.

    Add jello mix and gelatin to 1 cup of boiling water. Stir until dissolved.

    Add the jello and hot water mixture to the pureed fruit and mix. Immediately add it to the cottage cheese mixture and blend until incorporated.

    Pour into pie pan and refrigerate until set. Delicious!

    The macros per slice (1/8th of pie) come out to
    Protein: 5.6 g
    Carbs: 6.13 g
    Fat: 1.88 g

    So pretty minimal all around for a sensible, sweet, dessert

    If you don't want to use SF jello, I recommend doubling the plain gelatin and replacing the 1 cup of water with juice for flavor and sweetness OR keeping the water, but adding some flavor extract and stevia to the mix.

    I hope you enjoy this summer treat as much as my hubby and I do