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  • Zombie Breakfast

    or "The crazy stuff I cook when I'm half asleep"

    This morning I fried some radishes in bacon fat, then cracked in a couple of eggs and started stirring. I splashed in some soy sauce, put it all in a bowl, and poured over coconut milk, cereal-like. It was surprisingly delicious and I am STUFFED from only 2 eggs. (my money's on the coconut milk helping fill me up)

    A hearty breakfast is to me what coffee is to everybody else. I'm not awake until I've had something. Does anybody else make weird zombie breakfasts?

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    i am appalled by that... says the man eating basil pesto for breakfast
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      No sauce just braaaaaains


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        I think I called it a souffle:
        Beat egg whites to stiff peaks, fold in yolks beaten with butter, pepperoni, cheddar, broccoli, red bell, asparagus, onion, garlic, bacon and apple. Bake until "Oh hell!!" Pull out, attempt to plate before it finished deflating, and top with strawberry slices.
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          This morning I ate 2 black bean brownies (yes i know, BEANS) but I wanted something sweet without a bunch carbs and black bean brownies are awesome for that.

          With that I ate a big plate of garlic pulled pork and an avocado.

          Weirdest breakfast ever, and it was glorious.