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Preserved lemons - HELP!

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  • Preserved lemons - HELP!

    I have prepared some lemons for preserving. I cut them almost through in quarters, put about a tablespoon of Malden salt in each, pressed them into a jar and then squeezed the juice of 4 more lemons to pour over. It came about an inch up the jar...

    Today, I checked, hoping that there would be lots of juice covering the lemons. But no - there is about 2 inches of juice.

    Do I add water to cover the lemons? To keep juicing lemons I'd need about 20 I think - it is a big jar.

    Any advice / recipes would be MUCH appreciated...

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    Mark's recipe said to use more lemon juice, but I read online that filtered water is fine too


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      No, definitely don't use water. Just add lemon juice.

      Really, you don't even have to do that until the skins are no longer submerged (and I have a jar that doesn't have any at all, but they're still fine).
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        I make these often, I always cover with juice, completely. I lost one batch due to not enough juice. You could use a neutral vinegar if you wanted, such as white vinegar if you can't get the lemon juice.
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          I think the problem was that they are very thick skinned lemons, so the flesh has much less juice. Yesterday I bought loads of organic thin skinned lemons, so I shall add more of them (stuffed with salt).

          The lemons I've already prepared I have squashed down (they have shrunk a lot!) and quite a bit of juice has come out (but only to cover half of the lemons), so there is room to add thin skinned lemons to the jar and add juice to cover.

          I can't wait to try them!


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            A month ago, I made this salted lime recipe: The Complete Asian Cookbook - Google Books

            Had kept the jar in the sun till yesterday (its cold here so I thought extra time in the sun would help kill any mould). Only half the limes are covered in juice. However, they have all pretty well kept their colour. Will report back in six months now I've put the jar in a dark cupboard
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