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Chicken that doesn't taste like cardboard

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  • Chicken that doesn't taste like cardboard

    I know none of you ever use cheapo frozen chicken from the regular grocery store that was fed on youdon'twanttoknow and extra hormones and antibiotics.

    But if you do have some to cook, a way to make it not have exactly the same mouth feel and taste as cardboard is to use plenty of beef fat.

    So yeah...anyway, now that I can make crap chicken taste good, I'm going to get in early on the next round of good chickens from the farm where I buy my eggs.

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    oh totally. Even butter will do. Slow baked in the oven in butter, turning occasionally. Wrapped in bacon if you have it. I find for this sort of meat, slow cooking is the key. Even the free range chicken here is pretty variable, last lot of legs I got were more like bush turkey legs than bloody chicken.

    (I'm an aussie. Bush = outback scrubby "forest", but it's not forest becuase the the trees are stunted, and its not really the 'outback', that's the desert. it's bush. No double entrendre. ) ...
    If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat? Tom Snyder


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      Shouldn't have that problem with dark meat chicken. White meat is pretty disgusting.