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Egg-less breakfast ideas?

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  • Egg-less breakfast ideas?

    I'm trying to switch to the primal life style, but it's hard with a picky husband. He's all for it, but it's hard to make food that he actually likes, and that will also be good left over for his lunch the next day.

    So far it's been mostly meat and vegetables for dinner and lunch, but breakfast has been tough because he doesn't like eggs. I really don't have much time to make breakfast for him, since he has to leave at 0430 every morning.

    What are some quick and easy primal (and cheap!) breakfasts that I can make for him?

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    What about 'Almond Banana Pancakes' from the 'Primal Blueprint reader created cookbook'?

    There is 1 egg in the recipe, but it's only 3 ingredients and I doubt it tastes 'eggy'.

    2 ripe bananas
    1 egg
    1 heaping tablespoon of almond butter

    Mash the bananas, add the egg and mix well. Stir in the almond butter, adding more than a tablespoon if you
    want a more pancake-like texture.
    Warm butter in a pan and pour batter into small cakes. Brown on each side and serve warm.


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      Why not meat and veggies for breakfast too? I used to stick with eggs, eggs, and more eggs for breakfast... only to realize that there's nothing wrong with switching things up and just eating whatever I want. I've conjured up anything from tuna salad to stir fry in the morning, depending on my mood.

      If you -do- want to stick to the conventional breakfast though, I'd rec a nice coconut milk smoothie (can be with fruits or veggies).


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        Does he get grossed out about liver? I used to gag at the mere thought of it but what has gotten me past that is making my own pate. It's also a way to sneak some eggs in without telling him.

        1 egg per 100 gr raw chicken liver (drained) (my last batch was 8 eggs and 800gr)
        saute livers first in fat of your choice about 4 tbs (more is creamier if calories are not a concern)
        add eggs at the last minute and scramble them until cooked
        hand blender everything together and spice any way that you like (I use some herbs, garlic salt and pepper)
        Then I blend in a bunch of mushrooms (raw) about 12 oz for the above size mix.

        The pate can be the filling in celery sticks for a lunchbox too.


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          cottage cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          ¸.·´¯`·.¸¸><((((º> ¸.·´¯`·.¸¸><((((º>¸.·´¯`·.¸¸><((((º>¸.·´¯`·.¸¸><(( ((º>
          ><((((º> ¸.·´¯`·.¸¸><((((º>¸.·´¯`·.¸¸><((((º>¸.·´¯`·.¸¸><(( ((º>


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            I'd really try and find a way to get him to eat eggs. Eggs are one of the best nutrition to calorie propositions there is.

            Eggs also solve the "no time" problem because they are easy to prepare in advance. I like to make some little breakfast quiches on Sunday nights so I can just roll out of bed, shuffle through the shower and toss one in my bag on the way out the door. I don't get tired of them either because you can shake up the contents easy. Tired of brocoli? Try zucchini. Or maybe some nuts. Or shake it up with some spices. There's also no law against mixing fruit with eggs (some people use the same ingredients in different proportions and call it custard), so how about almond and blueberry with some coconut flakes and vanilla extract in the eggs? In fact, while writing this, I've come up with a particularly crazy idea to try next week.

            How are you preparing them? I find egg whites on their own revolting, but love any kind of "mixed" production. (i.e. I won't eat over easy, but scrambled eggs are one of my favorite meals).

            Also if you add soy protein isolate and a little bit of water to an egg mixture it will firm up the texture a bit. I do this sometimes (~1 heap tsp/1.5 eggs) when making breakfast quiches if I don't have any suitable leftover protein at hand.
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              I agree with the cottage cheese - add chopped seeds or veggies or fruit. I often eat it like you would yoghurt by the spoonful, or I go for a quick smoothie, staves off the hunger first thing in the morning until I am more 'prepared' to eat.
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                Originally posted by jhc View Post
                Also if you add soy protein isolate and a little bit of water to an egg mixture it will firm up the texture a bit. I do this sometimes (~1 heap tsp/1.5 eggs) when making breakfast quiches if I don't have any suitable leftover protein at hand.
                Soy protein? *gak* and who eats egg whites by themselves? why bother?

                Ok since the OP asked for NO EGGS my suggestions are...

                Bacon, any leftover meat with with fried mushrooms, tomato and spinach. If you cut the mushrooms the night before, it only takes a minute to fry. Though I don't think I'd face it at 4am....

                'muesli' of shredded coconut, chopped nuts, seeds and a bit of dried fruit (I sometimes use a bit of rice cereal. that sort of thing is handy for people in transition too). served with milk or yoghurt if you do dairy, or melon if you do sweet fruits. (the juicyness of melon goes well). (a lot of peeps use coconut milk, but I don't find it appetizing.)

                Slices of tart apple, spread with almond butter *yuuummmm*

                The above-mentioned banana pancakes are FANTASTIC. I sometimes use almond meal (fine ground white almonds) instead of the butter, and also add a teaspoon or two of buckwheat flour to help stabilize. (probably no better than soy protein but hey.....)

                If all else fails, you could probably do worse than a gluten-free muesli with some extra coconut.

                Or a handful of nuts and a piece of fresh fruit.
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                  Subbing for ideas! Another egg free breakfast eater here!


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                    I've been eating chia seed "pudding" or whatever it's called. I haven't been able to stomach eggs since it's gotten hot here. I just soak them in water till they get thick, about 20 minutes (this can be done when first getting up then they're ready once dressed and showered) and then I add chopped strawberries, a handful of pumpkin seeds, a dash of heavy whipping cream.
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                      I don't/can't eat eggs either... My breakfast is usually full-fat cottage cheese or greek yogurt with fresh fruit. Or I will make some really quick almond flour muffins, which do contain an egg but I'm pretty sure even the pickiest eaters can forgive an egg involved in baking. If I have time, I will make a few strips of turkey bacon (it's meatier than regular bacon and I don't eat pork). The almond muffins take less than 20 minutes to mix together and bake.
                      I LOVE a fast coconut milk/almond milk smoothie for breakfast, with some fresh/frozen berries and protein.
                      If you haven't guessed it yet, I eat most of my carbs in the morning I'm not really looking to lose weight so one serving of fruit in the morning is ok in my book.
                      Another idea to consider is going against preconceived "breakast foods". There's no reason breakfast has to consist of bacon/cereal/sausage/yogurt/pancakes/muffins/toast/eggs. I know people who eat salad, grill a chicken breast, or have some leftover steak for breakfast.


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                        Lobster, will you share your almond muffin recipe?


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                          Sure! I didn't have the recipe on hand but I found it by googling the ingredients... This makes four muffins, so double it if you want more.

                          Preheat oven to 350F

                          In a mixing bowl, combine:
                          4 ounces almond flour (about 1 cup)
                          ¼ teaspoons baking soda
                          4 ounces weight Eggs (about 2 large eggs)
                          1 ounce fluid agave nectar or maple syrup (around 1 tablespoon)
                          ½ teaspoon apple cider vinegar

                          (make sure you are ready to bake at this point because the baking soda will be reacting to the vinegar)

                          Scoop evenly into a muffin pan. Bake at 350F for 15 minutes, until slightly browning around the edges. You can test with a toothpick too.

                          These take very little time and effort, and are very satisfying. You could throw in a small handful of dark chocolate chips/dried blueberries/dried cranberries!


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                            I'm not sure if its been mentioned, but skipping breakfast isn't bad. I rarely eat breakfast because I never want to prepare food in the mornings when I'm getting ready. Its much easier to get ready and just head out the door.

                            I really do like all the suggestions though. I'm gonna steal some and make them for lunch


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                              Fruit smoothie with whey protein is not bad. A banana, frozen blueberries, and some unflavored natural whey can fill you up for hours. Add in some coconut oil or some other fat of your choice to make it even more filling.