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Simple enchiladas?

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  • Simple enchiladas?

    I'm planning to make an enchilada recipe, but I've never made them before and haven't eaten them at restaurants too often so I was hoping someone could clarify what exactly makes up an "enchilada." Recipes on the web vary so widely!

    Is it (normally) just meat, onion, cheese, tortilla, and enchilada sauce?

    To get around the whole tortilla substitute thing, I was thinking about doing a layered casserole. Meat (with Mexican spices) on the bottom, then maybe onion and tomato, and then sauce and cheese. Is that on the right track, or am I missing something?

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    There's a recipe somewhere (it might be in Marks PB cookbook) for enchiladas that use egg white crepes as a tortilla. I have been meaning to try them, but they sound tricky. People who have made them swear they are good and are strong enough to hold their fillings.


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      If you like the taste, cabbage leaves also work pretty well. I like them this way, my wife does not. But drenched in sauce and cheese, you don't really taste the cabbage. And all the ingredients you have listed are the basics.
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        There is an egg crepe thread from lil_earthmama in the recipes forum, use that one versus the one Mark has. The one lil_earthmama has holds better. I've also used her egg crepes for primal manicotti which is good.


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          Thanks for your replies everyone! It's good to know I've got the basic ingredients right

          I'm not really looking for substitute for the tortillas. I'd lean more toward the cabbage (because I love cabbage), but I think a casserole will provide all the right tastes without the hassle of rolling everything. Sometimes, I like meals better when instead of substituting I just do something different!