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  • Duck Eggs

    Picked up half a dozen duck eggs last Saturday at the market from my egg-lady (yes, that's how I refer to her, sometimes if she has a full dozen extra jumbo eggs, I call her 'Madame Egg-Lady').

    Was originally planning an extra-rich sweet custard. But now I'm just not feeling like anything sweet at all. Any recommendations?
    Warning: I'm the most laid-back primal gal you'll ever meet.

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    Really big omelettes. quiche. cafloutis.


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      Duck eggs are divine. It doesn't matter how you cook them, they are just wonderful. My personal tendency atm is scrambled eggs, so...
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        I haven't had duck eggs yet, but the goose eggs I get make the best omelettes. There seems to be so much more yolk than in chicken eggs.


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          I had an ostrich egg the other day. That was yummy. The scrambled egg tasted creamier than regular eggs like it had a higher fat content. Haven't tried goose yet.


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            i've used goose eggs to make savory clafouti, yum!


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              I've found duck eggs to be quite a bit richer than chicken eggs. I like to mix a duck egg with my chicken eggs when making scrambles. I haven't had a duck egg since going primal, so my tastes may have changed. Before, they were so rich, they had an almost shelfish aftertaste to them. They reminded me of lobster or abalone.

              Just have to wait for my duck to start laying again.


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                Duck egg mayonaise is one of the most amazing things you will ever eat.


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                  Thank you for all the suggestions! I made a small blackberry clafoutis (picked the blackberries myself when I went for a hike, didn't realize they were already in!) with three eggs and the most divine quiche (sans crust) with asparagus, pancetta, crimini mushrooms, and raw goat cheese.

                  If there are more this saturday, I'm definitely getting more. They kicked ass.
                  Warning: I'm the most laid-back primal gal you'll ever meet.