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How can I use lard?

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  • How can I use lard?

    I just cooked up some bone broth and have tones of lovely white lard as a result!

    Other than the obvious frying with it, what other ideas do you guys have for eating it, or adding into dishes...

    Id love to 'cook' it into some dishes... I guess much like butter... but I'm a little stuck for ideas as to what would taste good.

    What are your fave dishes containing lard?
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    I use lard to fry everything. But I don't use it for anything else (in flour eating days I used it to make stunning light, crisp pastry!!)


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      I save my bacon grease to season my iron skillet, keep it as stick free as i can.


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        Using it for cooking is the best way to go - it will keep forever in the fridge so no need to worry about it going bad. You can also melt it and use it as the fat component if you do any baking, primal or otherwise. But those are about the only uses of lard, I think.


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          Cooking, seasoning cast iron cookware, helping keep your field knife rust free, with paper--making emergency windows for your mountain cabin

          Not good for certain social activities though, use something else if time and select action don't work for you.
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