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The Kid Needs His Ranch!

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  • The Kid Needs His Ranch!

    Today we were eating salads and my 8yo son ran out of his ranch dressing. condiments are the one thing that no matter how we are eating I have never made homemade. I would love to get away from the store bought stuff because it is loaded with all the bad crap.

    I think the best place to start would be trying to find a replacement for my son's ranch since he eats a lot of it on his "big anus salads" as he calls them Does anyone have a recipe that would taste similar to what he is used to? I know it will be different because I am sure they load that store bought crap with msg and sugar along with the bad oil, but at least something close.

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    I haven't tried it, but this site usually has good recipes: Link
    My food blog, with many PB-friendly recipes


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      Introduce him to the wonders of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. He's only 8; he'll get over his love of ranch.
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        just start with a mayo base, add some seasonings, done.


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            Yogurt dressing! Bolthouse and Maries both make yogurt based dressings. Low in sugar and carbs.


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              We've made it by mixing full-fat plain yogurt with ranch seasoning. It works pretty good, but doesn't keep as long. Just make as much as you need to keep it fresh.
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                I second the Bolthouse comment! I buy it for my kiddo and don't think twice. It has decent ingredients, and I am not gonna spend forever making something I don't eat anyways. If you make primal mayo as a base for the ranch, it only lasts for like 3 days in the fridge~! Not gonna whip up that and still turn it into ranch every 3 days. The Bolthouse is one of those "cold" dressings w/o preservatives. Tastes great my kid says. Many of thier dressings are sweetened w/o sugar too, only juices.


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                  Thanks everyone

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