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Elegant, delicious recipe for two... ideas?

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  • Elegant, delicious recipe for two... ideas?

    I'm cooking dinner for a lady tonight, and I'm looking for a delicious, elegant Primal meal. Just about anything goes.

    Any ideas?


    - Casey

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    Grilled or poached Salmon, roasted asparagus, cauliflour puree

    Chicken picata, butternut squash (small cubes, sautee then simmer in veggie broth), grilled brocollini

    Steak, caprese salad (pressuming dairy is ok) and skewers of grilled onion and peppers.

    Grilled burgers or chicken skewers on a bed of sautee'd greens and mushrooms with greek salad on the side.

    porcini-encrusted (dried, powdered porcini mushrooms w/seasoning is used for breading), seared ahi tuna with veggies and tomatoe-ginger salsa (use tomatoes, onions, cilantro and pickled ginger - it's still got some kick, but is milder than jalapeno salsa and fantastic with fish).

    Herb-encrusted Pork tenderloin with roasted cauliflour, peppers and zuchinni.

    Let us know how it goes. Have a lovely evening!


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      Digging the Porchini Encrusted Tuna. Mmmmmmmmm. Caluiflour puree would be nice, if I didn't break my Vitamix last week.

      Note to all: Don't blend spoons.


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        Seared duck breast with a cherry sauce and a sweet potato puree
        My food blog, with many PB-friendly recipes


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          Braised short ribs


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            It's what Satan himself would make for dinner!


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              This chicken, skip the sugar (or don't, it's minimal): Simple Whole Roasted Chicken Recipe -

              These brussel sprouts: Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe : Ina Garten : Food Network

              Arrange whole on a plate. Carve as your date desires. I like it because it only involves the oven

              You can make some almond banana pancakes for desert. Give her some honey or maple syrup if she still has those Standard American Diet tastebuds

              For after: Al Green's Greatest Hits
              A steak a day keeps the doctor away.


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                Here's a quick and easy way to show some skillz without a huge mess, huge budget, and in minimal time.

                Make a light salad (undressed) the day before or earlier in the day. Before cooking this meal, toss it with a light dressing. then plate it up.

                Then, make almond-crusted fish with grilled asparagus.

                I like to use whitefish.

                You'll need ground almonds, seasoning of choice (we use cajun), chopped flat-leaf parsley, and an egg. in a pie plate or low, wide dish, scramble the egg. in a second pie plate or dish, mix almonds, seasoning, and parsley.

                put butter in a skillet, and let it melt. turn on the water to steam the asparagus.

                dip washed fish in egg, then almond mix, then place in hot buttered skillet

                add asparagus to boiling water to steam; flip the fish.

                pull asparagus out of steam and put in ice bath. remove let it rest on the plate. once the fish is finished cooking, plate it with asparagus. serve with a wedge of lemon, and if you'd like, home made tartare sauce (not hard to make -- mayo plus seasonings, which you can also make in advance).

                for dessert, i like a good fruit salad with some sort of whipped cream or chocolate-coconutcream mousse or some such business.


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                  You can make a trinity of lamb chops:

                  A nice porterhouse for two:

                  or perhaps duck breast with a purple cauliflower purée and fried oyster mushrooms:

                  If you'd like any of these recipes, let me know. Those are all my images.
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                    Rack of lamb with cherry merlot glaze. Sauteed kale and mustard greens, and chocolate pot de creme for dessert.

                    Or, my all-time favorite, braised lamb tongue with black trumpet mushrooms and curried mussels.

                    (and if you make that.....just let me know what time I should be there )
                    Warning: I'm the most laid-back primal gal you'll ever meet.