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  • Clafoutis recipe

    Hi. I have friends coming to lunch at the weekend and I want to make a raspberry clafoutis. Without flour.

    I've got the recipe in the PB cookbook, and I remember seeing one on here which didn't have any flour of any kind.

    Has anyone used either of these recipes, and if so, how successful were they, any recipes or advice would be appreciated.


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    a good friend of mine (do a search for primalaaron) made the one in the cookbook not too long ago. i believe it calls for almond flour. he's a really good cook to begin with, but i think he followed the recipe exactly and i wanted to like the that one tastes good.


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      I would do a practice run before you make it for company. When I make a clafoutis, I use Julia Child's recipe that uses a lot of sugar and some flour. Didn't have a lot of success with the primal came out OK for just us, but I wouldnt' serve it to company.
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        I agree with kennelmom, try the PB one first & see if you like it. I too think it was OK, but a bit 'grainy', not smooth like CW ones. Still good as a dessert, but I wouldn't serve it to non-primal people.


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          Thanks! It will be raspberries and cream.....!