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Eat you beet greens!

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  • Eat you beet greens!

    One of the biggest challenges for me has been the eating all the beet greens provided by my CSA. (Community Supported Agricultural is a subscription service that a local usually organic farm will present a glorious array of their best veggies, once a week, to subscribers, during the gardening season. Highly recommended!) Now, why would that be a problem? I guess I was so dazzled by those sparkling beets in their bright red and gold hues, that the beet greens just wilted, sadly ignored, in the fridge.

    I have vowed to use every one of my beet greens this year. Now beet greens are right up there on the charts in nutritional content and deliciousness. They are sweet, unlike some deep leafy greens, so you can use them in everything. Scrambled eggs, soups, salads, stir fries, quiche, you name it, beet greens can go there. Beet greens excel as much in nutrition as they do in taste.

    A good web site to find a CSA in your area is Local Harvest at Local Harvest / Farmers Markets / Family Farms / CSA / Organic Food. It has not only CSAs to be found and supported but farmer’s markets. Here is a recipe that I use all the time now for those lovely beet greens. I also have another recipe for using up all those veggies in your CSA box on my blog, What are your beet green go-to recipes?

    Saving America’s farms one beet at a time « The Cavewoman Cafe

    Enjoy those fresh spring veggies! Yippee!

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    I got some great beets a couple of weeks ago........I took the greens and fried them with bacon and some mushrooms it was good


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      Wow what a great idea! Thanks for the thread. I shall cook with it this weekend.


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        I love wilted greens with my eggs! Nice pic.
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          I agree, beet greens are tasty. Sweet and tender. Our CSA's haven't even started yet. Heck, we've had so much rain, I don't know if they've even planted yet.


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            And I see garlic scapes!


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              The golden beets we had on monday had an awesome bunch of greens we added to our soup the next day. They are really tasty.
              I have found that I LOVE greens in my soup.
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                Bacon! I love bacon. ♥


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                  Yah, us too. I was surprised they actually came up with some veggies to give us!


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                    My mum, an avid gardener, has always grown beets. But never, ever cooked the greens! I shall have her save them for me this year
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