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  • Buttermilk

    The only buttermilk I can find around here is cultured low fat buttermilk. Not having the gear to churn my own butter to get real buttermilk I found recipes online for "buttermilk". These recipes take regular milk and curdle it with an acid (lemon juice or vinegar). Has anyone tried this method? Doesn't seem like it would do anything but curdle your milk.

    I'm planning on making ranch dressing with it if that helps.

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    I used the milk+vinegar method to make buttermilk for pancakes back when I ate pancakes and they turned out fine if that helps. IIRC the milk got thicker after standing 5 minutes


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      I've done the lemon juice/vinegar method which works just fine for recipes...but they are technicallyat least two different products:

      Originally, buttermilk was the liquid left behind after churning butter out of cream. It also refers to a range of fermented milk drinks, common in warm climates.
      Buttermilk may also refer to a fermented dairy product produced from cow's milk with a characteristically sour taste caused by lactic acid bacteria.
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        Originally posted by EricS View Post
        Doesn't seem like it would do anything but curdle your milk.
        It wouldn't deal with the lactose, if that's what you mean.

        You can get a buttermilk starter here:

        Buttermilk Starter | Cultured Buttermilk Starter | Homemade Buttermilk

        There are a number of similar cultures from Scandinavia—Swedish Fil Mjölk and Finnish Villi cultures here:

        Dairy Cultures

        I haven't made any of those, although I've used a piima culture (a Finnish culture again). The fermentation was very successful, and I had a few nice batches from it, but I didn't keep on with it.