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Snack and packed lunch ideas (non refrigerated)

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  • Snack and packed lunch ideas (non refrigerated)

    Dh went primal a week after me. Apparently going grain free is agreeing with him! No more heartburn (same as me!) but also his blood pressure and blood sugar have both gone down since he started (he's on meds for bp and diabetes but a year and a half of a low fat, almost veg diet didn't get his numbers down this well and this consistently!).

    But despite this, he isn't losing weight.

    So today I finally sat down and put a typical day's worth of his food into a program. The carb count came to 168 grams. Well gee, no wonder, huh?

    The big problem is fruit. He eats about 3 apples and one orange a day. This is down from what he used to eat (and that was in addition to big servings of brown rice and whole wheat wraps).

    I need more easy snacks for him to eat in the car (so it can't be messy) or at work (can't need refrigeration).

    I found the recipe for mookies -
    The Wilderness Childe: Jerkified Mookies (aka Ground Jerky Bites)
    -and am going to try and make those tomorrow.

    Any other ideas? What does everyone else bring for traveling or work?

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    Beef jerky.

    Small packages of nuts (I can get 100 calorie packs of almonds at the grocery store).
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      I carry meat (steak/chicken etc) and raw veggies of all kinds in a plastic box in my backpack during school. Don't eat till around 2 (packed at 8 am) and it keeps perfectly fine. If you are really picky about keeping meat w/out refrigeration, my favorite thing to do is have the meat sliced up, and in the freezer. In the morning, pull it out, stick in in your bag and it's perfect/still chilled by lunch


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        I work out in the field and take a cooler with me every day, and it definitely helps.

        If he doesn't want to take a cooler, there are always avocados, coconut chips, jerky (but watch the ingredients) and pork rinds. Mostly snack foods, but that's what I know since I can't really eat a full meal until I finish work for the day.


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          I just started PB so I've been wondering about this too. I've been taking almonds, walnuts, carrots, canned meat (chicken or boneless sardines), and an orange most days. Not exotic, but it's easy. I like the beef jerky idea, I'll try that. Interested to see what others are doing.
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            He eats nuts but I was concerned that we were starting to rely to heavily on them. But maybe for now that's the lesser evil.

            I guess refrigeration isn't a big deal, you're right. He takes a large salad with meat to work and it's never gone bad.

            RitaRose, what are coconut chips? I've never heard of those.


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              My dad is a ups driver and I got him to go primal. Since he has the same requirements for lunch/snacks he packs some nuts and fruit and his favorite meat is tuna packed in olive oil. The cans come with a pop top so you don't need a can opener he just opens it up an eats it with a fork.


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                Oh, sorry! I probably should have said coconut flakes, which are exactly what they sound like, little flakes of coconut meat, bigger than shredded coconut so they're easy to grab. Very good, unless you're looking for something really sweet, and they don't need to be refrigerated at all.


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                  Canned sardines with some tobasco sauce is super yummy and a great source of omega 3's.
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                    Oh I love sardines but my dh won't touch any fish at all, lol! (I have him on fish oil pills )

                    I don't think I've seen coconut flakes. Just shredded coconut. Do you make your own?


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                      Originally posted by ShannonCC View Post
                      I don't think I've seen coconut flakes. Just shredded coconut. Do you make your own?
                      I usually shop at Smith's (Kroger) but I decided to check out Albertson's (which is also Jewel-Osco or Lucky) and they had bags of them there in the health food section.


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                        Thanks! We don't have any of those stores but I'll look again. That package CoyoteVick linked to looks familiar so I've probably seen it somewhere (or else I saw it on the internet before, lol!). Thanks


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                          I leave the house at 6, and eat about 12. My lunch is unrefrigerated.

                          Meat: already-cooked turkey, elk, venison, bison burger. Sliced turkey breast. Steak. Pork Tenderloin. Organic chicken sausages. Hard-boiled eggs. Half a game hen.

                          Three or more of the following: baby carrots, sliced red or yellow bell pepper, blueberries, cauliflower, strawberries, cherry tomatoes.

                          For emergency snack: Larabars.


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                            The go-to snacks at our house are baby carrots, roasted almonds, Sweet & Salty Primal Trail Mix (tweaked to our liking: Pans and Needles: We're Done Moving!!), red bell pepper strips, boiled eggs and chicken salad in celery ribs (ants-on-a-log style).