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Greenbeans on the PB shopping list? I thought they were Legumes, too?

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  • Greenbeans on the PB shopping list? I thought they were Legumes, too?

    Primal Blueprint Shopping List | Mark's Daily Apple

    I'm pretty sure everywhere I've read on the forum that green beans and "snap peas" are classified as legumes and off limits as well. I have an endless supply of these things and I love them to death but I've been avoiding them so far...

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    Hell, I eat them. I make some kick ass green beans with bacon and butter. Fry 2-3 strips of bacon in a pan, add in thawed green beans, add a little S&P, cover and steam until cooked. Toss in a little butter at the end. I've turned green bean haters into green bean lovers with that.


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      I'm too lazy for search for links/articles but I've read the opposite (on green beans, anyway); they are OK.

      Perhaps the snap peas are a bit high in carbs, however...


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        i don't even care if they're off limits, i looooove english peas and green beans and am growing them outside
        yeah you are

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          Any bean or pea that can be eaten in its raw state is permissible. Basically, if you have to cook it to make it edible it's a no-go.
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            I thought only the pea or bean inside is a legume, and that the pod itself, which constitutes most of the volume and calories, is a vegetable?


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              If you can eat it raw, it's food.


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                The legumes thing is way down the list of priorities anyhow, you can eat them raw, only the little pods inside are the actual legumes, and they are one of the great vegetables. Eat them!
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