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  • Perfect steak

    This is how I do a steak

    The first rule is to get your meat out of the fridge and let it get to room temp. I have no clue how big your steak is but it can take up to an hr. if it is a big one.

    While the steak is warming up. Start your charcoal grill......use a chimney starter that way you don't have to use some nasty lighter fluid or other petroleum based product

    You now have about 20 min. to flavor your steak. I don't like to flavor too much when I am paying high dollar for a steak. I think the key is simplicity and here it is. I have a fat jar with bacon/beef/duck fat in it. I pour some of it on the steaks with some salt and pepper to taste and that is it.

    Pour out the charcoal and get the grill ready and then get the steaks and throw them on the grill. I like my steaks 1-1/2 in. to 1/1/4 in. thick and I cook them 4min/side. This will give you med rare for a non bone in cut or rare for a bone in cut.

    Let rest for 5-10min. and enjoy!

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    Do the steaks flame when cooking? I like that browned flavor that high heat produces. It sounds like your marinade of fat might produce that flaming?


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      Ah...yes the flamage.

      This can be considered a promo but here it goes. I use hardwood charcoal so the heat it produces is around 1,000 degrees or so. The key is to put the lid on the grill, this will take the oxygen out enought so the charcoal on the bottom uses most of it and you don't get the massive flarups that the fat/heat combo would do. Now when you take the lid off to flip the steaks there will be some flames...some of them big if you are using a fatty cut like a ribeye, but once you put the lid back on the flames will die out very quickly.


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        According to Kenji's article on SeriousEats, salting 20 minutes prior to cooking is a terrible idea. He suggests either immediately before cooking or longer than 40 minutes. The basic idea is that the salt draws out moisture. If you salt immediately before cooking, there's not enough time for much moisture loss. After about 40 minutes, the steaks will have reabsorbed most of the moisture that was drawn out along with the salt. In between, the moisture content of the steak will be lowest.

        Honestly, I think steak is delicious as long as it's not cooked to death, but try salting earlier next time and see if it doesn't make a difference.

        The Food Lab: More Tips For Perfect Steaks | Serious Eats
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          About the salt thing.....just try this once.

          Take a large cut of beef and salt cure it for about 1hr. rinse off the steak and pat dry. Do this for larger steaks 1-1/2 in. or thicker it is a super flavor!

          I have done this with larger cuts of meat...such as a 3in. prime NY Strip or a Rack of Prime Rib with fanstastic resutls.


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            I've tried the salt heavily, rinse, and pat dry method and it indeed does make for some delicious beef. Gets the salt flavor deep into the meat and gives it a better texture.


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              My favorite steak (wife and kids also) is skirt steak on the Big Green Egg, hardwood charcoal, hot hot hot. Place on grill, light/medium sprinkling of coarse sea salt, turn after a few minutes, salt. Rest for 5 min and slice. Chimichurri sauce. Ripe plaintains, baked or fried in coconut oil.
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                Big Green Egg!!! I want one but am too cheap for that beaututiful grill....also a bit heavy and combersome to move around. I use a weber kettle instead and a mini weber kettle for smaller things.


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                  Sorry, couldn't resist haha
                  I'm a paleo foodie, come check out my recipes:


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                    Originally posted by Darwin17 View Post
                    Big Green Egg!!! I want one but am too cheap for that beaututiful grill....also a bit heavy and combersome to move around. I use a weber kettle instead and a mini weber kettle for smaller things.
                    Yeah I would never have bought it for myself. Present from wife and kids for my 50th. Never heard of it before. Use it all the time.
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                      OMG-tried the instruction from the Food Lab link above and got almost a perfect steak (needed to cook a little longer and I didn't let it rest enough). I've been cooking steak wrong forever!!!! ACK!! Oh well, saved again by the primal peeps-THANK YOU!!!
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                        The Food Lab (and Kenji) are indeed awesome. I LOVE learning the reasons behind why certain cooking methods give better results.


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                          I knew that I'd find how to make the perfect steak here somewhere Thanks for that link, now I'm SOO ready for dinner tonight....

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