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High Protein Yogurt Cottage "Cheese"

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  • High Protein Yogurt Cottage "Cheese"

    Make yogurt as you wish. Use skim milk for less fat, highest protein.

    Add a cup of lemon juice for a gallon of milk after it is done. I was expecting more curdling than what I got, but it seemed to help a bit.

    Strain. I used a regular kitchen strainer on the first go around and then my trusty Greek Yogurt Maker, a.k.a. a frying splatter shield. Very small holes, works great. Get as much whey out as you can or wish.

    Refrigerate. It should be very thick, almost hard. I'm calling it cottage cheese because you can add some water and use it like that, although it doesn't have curds. Or, as cream cheese.

    Much tastier than paneer or farmer's type cheese! I got almost six cups of this very dense cheese from a gallon of milk.

    Analysis from non-fat cottage cheese, 87% protein, 4% fat (no, they can't get all of the fat out), and 8% carbs. Being that the conversion into yogurt "eats" up a lot of the lactose, in reality it's a lot less. That's percent of calories, of course.

    I've added powdered egg whites to some, wow on the protein.

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    Guess I'll keep it all to myself....


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      I just spent twenty mins looking for this!!! I will try it , because I am tired of spending big bucks on bulk greek yogurt! I am printing now and will get back to you on my success! Thanks, OnTheBayou!!!!!


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        I do this! I use cheesecloth to strain it though. We call it yo-cheese at our place