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  • Need Help With Noodles!

    Ok so here's my situation. I went to Wegman's today and found 3 types of semi-Primal (maybe) noodles: kelp noodles, shirataki, and 0 calorie yam flour noodles. I'm excited to try all three and compare. The only problem is I'm short on stuff to add to the meal because I'm moving out of my college apartment on Sunday and have been using up all my stuff. Here' what I have:
    canned artichoke, can crushed tomatoes, tuna, olive oil, baby clams, frozen broccoli, frozen spinach, frozen cauliflower, onions, garlic, olive oil, tamari soy sauce, lemon juice, capers, BBQ sauce, pulled pork without seasoning, frozen shrimp, good quality hot dogs, and a few herbs and spices.

    Does anyone have any ideas for a meal I can throw together that will taste good with the above ingredients? I'm just learning in the kitchen so I don't exactly trust my food combining skills yet. Also, besides rinsing, anything to be careful of with the different types of noodles?


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    I would make a pasta sauce using the crushed tomatoes, baby clams, spinach, onion, garlic, olive oil, etc for one dish. For a second dish, use the broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, olive oil, tamari, lemon, shrimp and stir fry it.
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      I'm sorry .. I do not know .. but some people will tell you the answer


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        I made a tomato based sauce like starrchilde suggested and it turned out awesome! I used the Shiratake noodles after rinsing well, microwaving for a minute, then incorporating into the sauce for about ten minutes. I couldn't taste any weird flavour at all from the noodles. I was very happy with how it turned out. I'm going to try the stir fry method today, possibly with the kelp noodles.


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          The shiratake and yam flour noodles are probably the same substance. I tried it a few years ago and unfortunately there was no way I was able to make shiratake noodles taste edible. They don't taste like anything at all but I could not get over the consistency. I would suggest pan-frying them first with maybe some Asian flavors just to take some of the moisture out


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            I love Shirataki noodles. Just make sure you prep them like the package says to. I eat them ALL the time. They are NOT pasta noodles though, so expect a different texture. I eat mine with any sort of sauce, stir fry, sautee. Take everything you can, saute in garlic, oil, butter, and some spices, and toss it with the par boiled, hot noodles.
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              To impart flavor in shirataki you need to wash them multiple times to get the fishy smell and flavor out. Then dry with paper towel over night, you'll have to change paper a time or two. The noodles will look a little dehydrated and ready to adsorb flavors. Make a broth or sauce and when hot add noodles, simmer for an hour or more. I put mine back in the fridge to marinate over night. The next day the shirataki were plump and flavorful. Also the texture was more like al dente pasta. Everyone loved my potluck dish.


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                I tried a second dish with the 0 calorie noodles. I prepared them the same way as the Shiratake ones. I found pretty much the exact same texture. I didn't have any problems with the flavour of the noodles coming through. I guess as long as you use strong enough flavours in the sauce/dish you should be ok. Next up are the kelp noodles. Those may be a bit harder to incorporate.


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                  I'm making pancit with kelp noodles this weekend for the 1st time


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                    Originally posted by kitoi View Post
                    I'm making pancit with kelp noodles this weekend for the 1st time
                    This is an old thread, but I just bought some of these kelp noodles and planned on making pancit, too! I hope it turns out good!