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  • Chebe Pizza Crust

    Chebe Bread Pizza Crust Mix, 7.5-Ounce Bags (Pack of 8): Grocery & Gourmet Food

    Has anyone ever used this? It looks to be moderately low carb (17c per serving, no worse than rice) and the ingredients look pretty good.

    I'm thinking this could be a fun sometime food for rolls/pizza.

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    we sell this at the HFS where i volunteer. i've personally never bought it, but i'm told the crusts are fabulous (then again, the people around here wouldn't know a good NY-style pizza if it hit them in the face). go for it and tell us how it is.
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      I had pao de queijo (which is also made with manioc/tapioca starch) recently and it was delicious. I imagine it would make a decent pizza crust.
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        Well I just bought an 8 pack of the pizza crust and an 8 pack of the regular "bread" mix.. both of them are basically just manioc and tapioca starch... going to try a pizza and some calzones whoop whoop.


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          These seems like a great option for when I would normally want to make home-made awful for you goodies at special times (like cinnamon rolls for the Holidays, etc) and would like to make them less awful for you by not using wheat products.

          Thanks for passing it along!


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            Does that have to be refrigerated when it's delivered?


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              Originally posted by Jeff View Post
              Does that have to be refrigerated when it's delivered?
              The mix does not. If you buy the ready-made crusts, they do.
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                I just ordered some as well - thanks Riv.
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                  the kids felt like having pizza today, so i bought some Chebe crust mix. really, it hurts to make a pizza from a mix. before primal i would have made my own dough and let it rise in the fridge for two days. but anyway, this was super easy so we'll probably do it again.

                  100_0786 by SaoirseCaesar2011, on Flickr

                  100_0784 by SaoirseCaesar2011, on Flickr

                  the crust was more of a NY-style than chicago. it's not nearly as chewy as a real pizza, but as you can see the dough really held up. as a nice touch, brush a little oil on the crust before you bake it (i didn't).
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                    Wow, I totally can't wait to make this. Gonna stop by target on my way home to pick up a pizza pan, hooraaaay


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                      That stuff looks GOOD.

                      Weird, their web site says my health food co-op carries it, but I was just there last night volunteering, and I looked around the baking mixes and didn't see it. They also say the major grocery store has it, so I'll have to check.
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                        your HFS probably has it in their catalog, but maybe hasn't carried it for a while? put in a request, i bet they'd order some for you!
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                          This looks really delicious. I have a bunch of grated manioc in the freezer. Any thoughts on turning it in to a pizza crust? Would I need to dry it to make a flour? Or could I just add egg and oil and try baking it?
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                            Ok, I got a bag and made pizza for my roommate's kids. The stuff smelled good baking, before we even put anything on it. It was GOOD! The kids and adults loved it.

                            I probably ate too much of it, as I miss pizza and it was soooooo good. I would suggest adding the grated parmesean - it turned out really well.


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                              Originally posted by Saoirse View Post
                              the crust was more of a NY-style than chicago. it's not nearly as chewy as a real pizza, but as you can see the dough really held up. as a nice touch, brush a little oil on the crust before you bake it (i didn't).
                              That looks pretty good for a non-wheat pizza. Just a suggestion: try taking the baking mix and adding a teaspoon of xanthan gum and a teaspoon of whey protein to it if you have it on hand. That should help build the "structure" that you normally see in wheat-based crusts from the gluten and add a little bit of chewiness to it.

                              Man, I'd kill for a pizza crust. I still have a few pounds of vital wheat gluten on hand from back in the days where I didn't know how awful it was for you. I thought higher gluten was better. More protein, less carbs, haha. I used to bake them all the time by fermenting a cup of whole wheat flour into sourdough, then adding bread flour and extra wheat gluten. Man, I can make a hell of a pizza crust. I have oven bricks, a pizza peel, the whole deal. One day I'll break down and just go for it. I wonder if fermenting pizza dough makes the wheat less toxic? I never had digestion issues from my sourdough pizza crust. Skinless pizza doughs beat my gut up way more than wheat pizza crust. When my crusts were raw, they would smell like straight up beer.
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