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    Originally posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    That looks pretty good for a non-wheat pizza. Just a suggestion: try taking the baking mix and adding a teaspoon of xanthan gum and a teaspoon of whey protein to it if you have it on hand. That should help build the "structure" that you normally see in wheat-based crusts from the gluten and add a little bit of chewiness to it.
    that's an idea, but i'm happy enough with it as it is.
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      I made mine a little too thin so it was pretty flimsy.

      I'm going to try again this weekend but make it about 2/3rds the size.

      Either way, it was delicious.


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        i'm bummed; i ordered a case of these (they're wholesale that way) and apparently the warehouse is out of stock. *pouty face* oh well...
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          Just a side note: one pizza has almost 170g of carbs (and it's not a very big pizza).
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            From experience of making Brazilian Bread Balls from sour starch and cheese, you can get some chewiness into the mix by not cooking through quite so fully. The sour starch goes particularly fluffy with a little baking powder (almost like croissant texture), but can be controlled by leaving it out and erring shy of the recommended cooking time for a more chewy texture. Mixing some pecorino (sheep cheese) passed through a fine grater helps.

            Looking at this particular product, it reads okay in terms of the ingredients and process. There is "modified" starch in there and a rather fluffy answer from the company: Gluten free bread mixes and gluten free frozen dough - Chebe Bread but probably no more processed than sourced of straight-up manioc starch.

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