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pork loin chops recipe?

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  • pork loin chops recipe?

    Hello everyone,

    I have approx. 2.7 lbs worth of pork loin chops (4 of them, with bone) defrosting in the fridge right now. Last time I had these I just seasoned with salt and pepper and sauteed in ghee and ate with sriracha (what can I say, I'm a girl of fairly simple taste), but I'm looking for a recipe that would involve roasting them (so that I can cook them all at once), and would involve a little more flavor, lol. I haven't cooked or eaten pork very often before so I'm not sure what kind of seasonings/flavors would go well with it.


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    There is a kalua pork recipe in this forum that looks good, you could give that a try. I usually grill mine: sprinkle salt, pepper, garlic, a splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the meat and let stand while grill gets hot, grill at medium-high heat till thermomete says 160 degrees, let rest for 5-10 mins then slice.

    If its a hurricane outside or I don't want to mess with the grill I do the same seasonings and roast in the oven at 375 degrees. you have the loin or actual chops? The loin would be like a roast and the chops like individual steaks.

    If you have chops I saute/fry in olive oil and butter with garlic, salt , and pepper. Once they have a good half-burnt outside I add a cup of water and cover till the water has mostly simmered off. Perfect pork chops every time and usually a little bit of pan gravy too.
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      I use a cast iron skillet. A spoon of bacon fat, heat pan, sprinkle garlic powder, sea salt and pepper on chops. When bacon fat is melted, put chops in pan, turn down fire, turn chops after 4 or 5 minutes, cook other side.

      Remove chops. Add a pat of butter, and a bit of water to skillet. Stir, pour over chops.



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        Originally posted by spakesneaker View Post
        I haven't cooked or eaten pork very often before so I'm not sure what kind of seasonings/flavors would go well with it.
        Polish hunter's stew—bigos—is good.

        I believe you can use most kinds of meats or a mixture of meats and/or sausage. However, I think pork is often used. Chops would be fine, and I have seen one recipe that recommends them. You could cut the meat off the bones and up into small chunks, but I don't see why you'd need to.

        Basically, you sear the meat and then stew it in red wine with onions, mushrooms and prunes. Those are all ingredients that go well with pork—prunes might be a bit of a surprise but actually they turn up in a few pork recipes.

        The unusual thing with bigos is that there's also quite a lot of sauerkraut in it. The mix seems to work.

        Here's one recipe I just found—this one uses fresh cabbage as well as sauerkraut, which seems a bit excessive and also throws in tomatoes, which maybe wouldn't be an improvement, but anyway ...

        Polish Hunters Stew Recipe - Recipe for Traditional Polish Bigos or Hunter's Stew