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Primal Vanilla Birthday cake recipes??

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  • Primal Vanilla Birthday cake recipes??

    My daughter is having a birthday party next week and she would like a grain free white cake? Does anyone have a favorite recipe?

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    I haven't made these particular ones, but I've liked other recipes from these sites:
    Healthy Indulgences: yellow cake
    Gluten Free Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe | Elana's Pantry
    Yellow Cake (using almond flour) | Comfy Belly


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      If you don't have it you should really get Bruce Fife's book Cooking With Coconut Flour. Otherwise I've had pretty good succes substituting in cake recipes with a 50/50 mix of coconut and arrowroot flour, and half the amount of sugar,I usually use honey for its added moisture. If the batter seems too dry add more liquid or an extra egg... but maybe you're not comfortable adapting standard recipes. What kind of icing does she want? I've used raw butter fudge as icing, chocolate, and it's really really good (just google it). Usually the kids at our birthday parties never like my cake or cupcakes since they're healthier and grain free so for my son's birthday this week we're doing ice-cream sundaes with good quality icecream, nuts, fruit, and probably homemade chocolate syrup. Anyway, good luck!

      Oh and some real whipped cream on top!


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        Have you thought of using white rice flour and tapioca flour? They may not technically be ideal primal, but they're pretty much pure starches - especially the white rice flour. No phytates or gluten to worry about. I'm about to pick some up to make pizza during a carb refeed. That could be perfect. Just make sure you don't use brown rice flour by mistake. That's loaded with phytates.

        I like coconut flour a lot, but the result will be a lot different than a standard white cake. Coconut flour isn't exactly light and fluffy. Although it can be moist and delicious, eating a standard-sized birthday cake slice with coconut flour is going to put some people through the ringer. It'll feel like you just ate a piece of concrete. VERY DENSE! And one hell of an expensive cake...
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          Originally posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
          Have you thought of using white rice flour and tapioca flour?
          The Asian stores near me have sweet rice flour, which I've used with great success in GF cakes and cookies. It isn't that expensive, either.
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            Does it have to be sweet? A spicy, savory meatloaf made from chicken or fish?
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              These are all excellent recipes! Thanks I will let you know how they turn out. She will be delighted to have her cake and eat it too


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                Chocolate Almond Torte Recipe - *Tested Recipe* - this does not qualify as primal (nor is it white) but I had something like this (with walnuts I think, not with almonds) a few days ago (as a part of my 20% - it was hard to say no when the host went out of her way to make a gluten-free dessert for me) and it was so delicious!