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My primal ice cream (banana, chocolate, cashew, coconut!)

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  • My primal ice cream (banana, chocolate, cashew, coconut!)

    Last night for mother's Day I was craving a special treat so I decided to make some chocolate ice cream. I made 2 servings and this is what I used.

    1/4 cashews blended to fine powder in food processor
    added 1/2 c frozen bananas, 1/2 c coconut milk, 5 drops of liquid vanilla stevia, and cocoa powder to taste and blended until smooth.

    My 3 year old daughter LOVED it and I satisfied my intense ice cream craving
    Jaime, wife to Phaedrus and primal mama to A (4) and X (1).

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    Sounds delicious and I actually have all these ingredients at home, I'll be trying it tonight for sure!
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      Thanks for posting! I like playing around with the blender and will definitely be making this. I'm wondering how/why it turned into ice cream though?! I thought that was very complicated to make. Could it be to do with the bananas being frozen?

      Edit - I'd probably need a better blender if that's the case. Mine doesn't do frozen foods so well :/