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KitchenAid Mixer....primal suggestions anyone?

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  • KitchenAid Mixer....primal suggestions anyone?

    I just got a KitchenAid mixer for mother's day-I've wanted one for years and apparently hubby has been slowly saving to get one with all the bells and whistles. It is so flipping cool!!!


    What can I make that's primal? I so want to try it out but I've gotten rid of all the flours and sugars and whatnot and it doesn't have a sausage grinder attachment thing (about the only thing it didn't come with, lol).
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    What a good Hubby you have!

    I make butter with my kitchen aid all the time.

    I use the grater attachments for veggies and the grinder for organ meats.


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      Meeeeat grindeeeer!

      We just registered for one for our wedding. I hope we get it!

      I was thinking about making a batch of primal chocolate chip cookies...I think you could use it for that to get the butter nice and whipped!

      And yeah, you can make butter with the whisk attachment. I did that by accident once with a batch of maple whipped cream I was making for a (pre-primal) breakfast that included some quickbreads. Just left the darn stuff go too long, and my stiff peaks turned into whipped butter! I looked at it, decided no one would know the difference, and served it as maple butter.

      Also, back in the day, I used to use it to make lye-based soap!
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        I make almond and coconut flour based baked goodies.
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          The last time mine came out was for making cheesecake (with a nut flour crust). I just got a meat grinding & sausage stuffing attachment, though, and I'm really looking forward to trying it out. I'm a bit squeamish about offal so I figure this could be a good way to fit it into my diet.

          Also, I 2nd the butter. The byproduct of real buttermilk is awesome, too. You can make lovely soup with it. Leeks + buttermilk = NOM.


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            Whipped cream!!!!
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              Coconut Crack Creamer (the coconut milk, egg concoction that is great in coffee)
              Mayo (although I have to make a large batch usually to use the whisk on my kitchen aid)
              Frittata, those eggs need to be whipped somehow
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                If you get the grinder you can make primal pet food with bones...I'm so jealous!


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                  If it's a stand mixer, you can get an ice cream maker attachment and make primal frozen treats.
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                    Butter! I hadn't thought of that!! I am definitely getting the grinder attachment, we can't wait to make sausage.

                    Thanks everyone!! I had my head stuck in cookie/bread land, must have been the recipe pamphlet they send in the box.
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                      I like using mine to make egg-based dishes. I like getting the extra air into the mix, feels like it makes my (crust-free) quiches much fluffier. Just beware that it will abuse tomatoes, have to add them after the mixing.
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                        Bumping up this old thread.. Am thinking of getting rid of my Kitchenaid, as I primarily used it for making Pizza Dough.
                        I have a separate meat grinder, so don't need it for that. Any other suggestions?




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                          We actually got the meat grinder attachment, and it sucks. So sad.

                          The only time I bust out my Kitchenaid anymore it seems is when I get a request for non-paleo foodstuffs. Other than that, my sous vide machine is seeing waaaaay more action.
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                            About the only time I ever use it is for the grinder attachment. I'm sure you could use it to make herb butters, or whipped heaven. It would probably help with valentino brownies.
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                              Souffle. Easier to make than you think, endlessly variable, flippin' delicious. Don't think I'd endeavor to make without the KA though.

                              And yes, I'll make the occasional non-Primal item and it's very handy for doughs.