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  • cheesy tortilla:)

    I stumbled on this when I was doing the maintenance phase of the HCG diet last year and thought I would share I usually use this to satisfy a pizza craving that's quick and easy but, I realized you could also tweak this to make it a cheesy tortilla I take a cookie sheet and cover with foil...spray with olive oil or coconut oil the lay out your slices of can do singles or overlap if your making a tortilla...I use a combination of colby jack..cheddar..provolone or what ever cheese you like that comes in slices...I will also put pepperoni...sausage or mushrooms and onions and then lay down the slices to feed my pizza lay everything directly on the foil no need for crust Then you bake at 400 for 10 to 15 will see the cheese getting crispy around the edges. Then just let cool for about 5 minutes and eat with your fingers...and if your using as a tortilla just peel off the foil and it bends and holds shape really well and it's crispy it's awesome and easy for those PB people that don't have issues with cheese.
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    Sounds good to me!
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      they are very good my husband and I shared a pan of cheese and I ate most of it...I thought it would effect my weight loss but, I woke up the next morning to weigh and I had lost 2 pounds so I was happy


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        I am usually hostile toward "substitutes" but, hey, roasted cheese? Yum!
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