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New to coconut oil - any recommendations?

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  • New to coconut oil - any recommendations?

    So, I'm getting ready for the next stage in my primal experiment, and am going to cut back severely on cheese and fruit, and am going to start cooking with coconut oil.

    What's the deal with this stuff, flavor-wise? I've read up on the health benefits, but are there any flavors it doesn't complement particularly well? What meats is it best with? Should I use it to grease my omelet pan, or does it taste awful with eggs?

    Any opinions are appreciated!

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    I've yet to run into foods it clashes with. It goes super well with sea food though!
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      The stuff I use is very mild and has just a mild flavor and aroma..... so it really doesn't add a lot to the mix of anything. It's certainly not as pronounced as olive oil. Use it wherever you would have veggie oils.


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        My coconut oil (Nutiva organic extra-virgin) tastes really coconutty to me; I couldn't get used to the flavour of it with anything except seafood. I've got the expeller pressed oil from Tropical Traditions on order because I've heard it has a milder flavour. Here's hoping.


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          Just don't use it to make mayo, I think it makes it taste disgusting
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            The ones I've tried (Nutiva, Spectrum, and Tropical Traditions - all unrefined) are WAY too coconutty for me to use with meat or eggs unless it's a dish where I'm going for a thai or carribean flavor, or something else that works with coconut. But then I think I'm pretty sensitive to the coconut flavor compared to some other people.
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              Not having ever tried it, I'm thinking it would be really good for making Indian style food to come out right with red meats. Or Thai curry type stuff. Looks like I'll have to stick with butter in the morning, not that I'm complaining.


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                It depends on which kind you get. If you get the super high quality extra virgin cold pressed, it tastes like coconut. If you get lower grades, it tastes of nothing. I treat it the same way I do olive oil. Extra virgin for raw eating (for coconut oil that would be coconut oil bark, straight from the spoon, etc) and for dishes where I need less coconut flavor, like roasted veggies or pan frying, I use expeller processed.

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                  I actually like to cook my eggs in it. There is a mild coconut flavor but it doesn't bother me.


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                    Come to think of it, eggs in cooked in coconut oil with some vanilla extract and cinnamon might come out pretty tasty. French toast scramble!