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eggless breakfast recipes, much appreciated!

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  • eggless breakfast recipes, much appreciated!

    right now i am in the middle of what appears to be an incredible experiment with eggless almond pancakes.. can't wait!
    anyone have other eggless recipes i can follow and toy with?

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    I have ceased to think of onl some foods as 'breakfast' (or any other meal) food. A few slices of roast beef or chicken taste as good in the AM as the PM.
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      Just eat what you would for dinner or lunch? Why limit yourself to eggs for breakfast?


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        Homemade sausage patties!

        Ground raw pork
        ground raw bacon (use food processor, or just chop fine by hand)
        fennel seed
        italian spices
        cracked pepper
        drizzle of maple syrup (totally optional!)
        parmesan cheese (also very optional if you are dairy free)

        Mix everything without over working the meat. Make into little patties and fry in bacon grease. These warm up in in the microwave beautifully if you want to make a large batch ahead of time.
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