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Please share your recipes using unflavored gelatin!

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  • Please share your recipes using unflavored gelatin!

    Does anyone have a nifty recipe using unflavored gelatin? I'd like to work more into my diet, but am in need of some ideas.

    Thanks much!

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    Uhm... I only have one for a dessert? I posted it on this board: Sherry, nut and chocolate mousse


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      I put it in blended berries for a snack, along with a few drops of stevia if the berries are tart.
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        I just saw your issues with dairy, so maybe sub the heavy cream for coconut milk. Should be very doable, but it'll probably come out a little more dense. I once did it with greek yoghurt, and it worked fine.

        If you decide on a dessert for some special occasion


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          lemon juice and stevia

          Fruit tea
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            Soups, stews, chili.
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              Aspics, like brawn (aka head cheese for Americans). Makes a great snack.
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                Sangria Shooters.

                Lime juice with just a tetch of stevia to soften the gelatin. Then heat some more lime juice and add it to melt the gelatin. Then add pinot noir and put in ice cube trays in the fridge. They pop out to be these cute little blocks you can serve at a party (or sit in front of the computer and eat all by yourself and not share).

                I have lime trees that are producing like crazy so I have to keep coming up with ways to use the juice. This would probably work with orange juice too minus the stevia.


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                  Smoked salmon mousse. 2 packs smoked salmon offcuts (about 8 oz total) 2 small jars yogurt or sour cream, one onion chopped fine, teaspoon capers, tablespoon chopped parsley, half tablespoon chopped dill, a little cayenne, juice of one lemon.

                  Whizz all together in a food processor. Then chop 4 leaves of gelatin and put in a bowl with 2 tablespoons white wine. Put this over a pan of lightly boiling water until it is dissolved. Allow to cool a little, then add to the food processor and whizz briefly.

                  Tip into bowl / mould ( a fish shaped mould is superb here). Put in fridge until set - 2 hours min. To unmould, run very hot water into a bowl, gently lower the mould in, then invert over a plate and shake the mousse out (if it is a fish shape - a mirror makes a stunning serving plate!) Garnish with finely sliced cucumber, lemon and some chopped salad greens.

                  It is delicious, nutritious - and will wow your guests.


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                    I use it in smoothies and primal chocolate mousse. I dissolve it in some lukewarm water; then, if I want a really smooth texture (as for the mousse), I'll add a bit of boiling water and stir well until the liquid is smooth.

                    For a quick drink, I'll mix the lukewarm gelatin in ~1/2 C coconut milk, then add vanilla and drink that. Not the tastiest concoction ever, but fast.
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                      Your recipe sounds great. Thanks for sharing it here.
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