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Sorrel! My favorite new green!

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  • Sorrel! My favorite new green!

    I love my veggies. My go-to foliage is a raw kale salad massaged with avocado and olive oil. But now I have a new veggie love: sorrel!

    As an American, I'd never tasted it until I stopped by a London farmer's market. It's so tangy and lemony!

    Is it available in the States? Also, what are some good things to do with it? I'd think it would go well with fish, given the lemony tones.

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    i've eaten wild mountain sorrel, but I've never seen any kind of sorrel available for sale. I think it's an eastern European thing.


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      It grows in my garden here in the UK - and I rarely if ever use it! Occasionally in a salad - where it adds a mouth puckering astringency to the rest of the greens.

      But it apparently makes a good soup....


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        We used to eat sorrel a lot back home (in Eastern Europe) but it just refuses to grow in my mother's Ontario backyard. I've never seen it at markets either and it's such a shame. It's just one of those things that will not grow in North America.


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          I bought some from the farmer's market here in TN last year and I loved it! I made a yogurt based creamy dressing and made salads with it.


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            We have yellow wood sorrel here that grows wild. We used to eat it all the time as kids. I love putting it in salads.


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              You know what kind of tastes like sorrel? Shamrock/Oxalis leaves and flowers. They have that same sort of lemony flavor. I ate a lot of woodland plants and weeds as a child