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Lamb Chop Ideas?

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  • Lamb Chop Ideas?

    Okay, wonderful primal chefs - I need your help!

    We've got minimal meat left in the house right now, and after coming up with about a billion variations on chicken, I found a lamb chop in the back of the freezer (grass-fed and local, too!). Except, I HATE the taste of meat in "chop" form (even steak). I prefer if it's shredded, or more like skirt-steak. Cant' stand that thick texture. Which is crazy, I know...

    So my question is - what else can I do with it? I have had bad experiences with throwing meat in the crockpot, and want to make sure this is a cut of meat that can go in (once I threw a bag of boneless, skinless chicken breasts in... it was AWFUL! later i found out that is not a cut of meat you put in....) and what I can do with it from there.


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    Alright, a shameless bump...


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      The crock pot is usually used for less tender, high fat cuts as they tend to tenderise and the slow cooking really brings the flavour out. That being said, i have never tried a chop in the crockpot, but having a bone in it would be even better for the flavour. If i had a chop and did not feel like eating chop, i would most likely use it in a massaman curry.


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        Nice chop in the crockpot


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          Crockpots usually sit at around 80-95C for prolonged periods of time, which is great for turning the collagen of tough cuts of meat into soft gelatin. The meat itself is overcooked, but there's enough gelatin (and fat) to make it seem very tender.

          But in an already tender cut like the loin, there isn't really enough collagen to begin with. So I'd suggest either cooking it as a steak then slicing it finely to make lamb strips, or dicing/grinding it for a recipe requiring diced or ground lamb.
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            in a braun blender/quisinart minichop - throw the following in: garlic, rosemary, sage and mint w/evoo and puree
            cut slices into lamb chop -and pour over

            Lamb is supposed to be served med-rare (quite pink) to bring out the flavor -

            turn the oven to broil - put chop in oven broil for 7-10mins/ side

            you can also grill it slow over coals... quite tasty - we had a huge leg of lamb this weekend for Easter... yum...
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