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Almond Butter Macaroons Dipped in Dark Chocolate

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  • Almond Butter Macaroons Dipped in Dark Chocolate

    I haven't made this recipe yet, but saw it on a non-primal site and wanted to pass it along. It has only 3 tablespoons of sugar in the whole recipe, so it could make a more sensible indulgence, but if you'd like to omit it I bet it would work well too.

    Anyway, I hope someone gets to makes these and enjoy!!!

    Chocolate Dipped Almond Butter Merengues | Cara's Cravings

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    looks great, I usually eat anything made from almond butter
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      I wonder if you can powder splenda or xylitol and add that would it work? I found some agave powder on (which is a great place by the way), maybe that could be a nice alternative? I'm curious to try this out.


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        oh these look sooo good... It may just compel me to go out and pick up some mac nut make these as I don't do well w/almonds
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          Oh my wow the idea of these with macadamia nut butter sounds AMAZING.

          Maybe dust some coconut flakes on them (because macadamia and coconut goes SO good together!)?

          Yummy yummy!

          Edit: Here's another thought. How about making these with coconut butter instead of nut butter?


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            Very good one idea you have shared with all of us buddy. Thanks for sharing that one with all of us....
            That's looks like much tasty and I also like to eat chocolate much that's why I like that recipe much...


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              These are fantastic! Will definitely put them on the repeat list. I used coconut sugar (the full 3 Tbs), but am thinking I will try cutting it down some or eliminating it all together the next time around. Thanks!


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                That looks delicious.
                In general a great thing about macaroons is they are so low sugar it's hard to feel bad about it, in addition to being naturally grain an dairy free.
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